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5 April 2021

Price Change Notice: Zoho

Since Zoho's founding 25 years ago, providing you outstanding value has been a core part of our product and pricing strategy. Over the years, we have relentlessly added new products and features to our portfolio, while continuing to make larger investments in global infrastructure and deeper service commitments.

We've made these investments and managed our increasing input costs by watching every penny and pushing ourselves to improve our own productivity, rather than pass on this cost to customers. Now, to maintain and improve what we deliver to you, we have had to make the hard choice of raising prices.

Effective April 5, 2021, we are increasing the prices of most of our products and you will see the updated prices on all the pricing pages. Here’s how it will impact you:

All current customers, whether on monthly or annual contracts, will see a 15% increase in their invoices starting April 25, 2021. (Should the new prices for your specific product selections result in an invoice increase of less than 15%, we will apply this amount.) They will not see any price increase until this date. They can also add new users or upgrade to other editions of products they already have, at current prices, until this date.

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